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The Incredible Impact of ALPHA

Almost fifty people are attending the current Alpha course. It’s truly wonderful to see so many parishioners, friends, and neighbors come together on Wednesday evenings in Trinity Hall to explore the Christian faith, share their point of view, and ask life’s big questions.

Along with fantastic conversation, inspirational music and thought-provoking videos, we’re also supplying free food and drinks to our guests. Some of those guests are regular churchgoers; others have lost confidence in God over the years or have never experienced the love of Jesus.

Is the course making an impact? Absolutely. We’ve had some incredible feedback from those who have attended our earlier courses. People are saying that their faith has been renewed or deepened, that it’s enabled them to talk about their faith with others, and that they’ve created bonds with some great people.

We can’t speak highly enough of this 11-week course, where everyone is welcome and where no questions are off limits. The next Alpha is scheduled to start on Sunday, Feb 19. If you’d like to participate (or you’d like to invite a friend or neighbor), please reach out to for more information.