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Altar Guild maintains a sacristy where laughter and love prevail.  It is not a kitchen or a mortuary, but rather the sculler of a ship of faith.  We understand the sacristy as one of the greatest centers for learning in the church.  The Altar Guild prays for its members and for all the members of Trinity.  We are a family of praise, devotion, and service to God, and to His people as they gather for worship.


 EASTER 2023

The season of Eastertide is the fifth season of the church year.  Easter Sunday is the oldest and greatest day of celebration in the Christian Church.  It celebrates Christ’s victory over death, His resurrection from the dead.  The vestment colors are white trimmed in gold, celebrating our joy in Christ’s triumph.  The season of Eastertide begins Easter Sunday and lasts 50 days until the day of Pentecost.

The Altar Guild is not just in the church, we assist wherever Trinity will hold a service or Holy Eucharist. As we did at Ft. Castillo de San Marcos for the Easter sunrise service.  The Altar Guild prepares Eucharistic Visitor kits for ministers to administer the Holy Eucharist to shut-ins and prisoners.

Come and join our team with a heart for worship.  If you are interested in becoming a member of this ministry, please contact one of the following:

Kay Puckett:

Tammy Delaporte: