Daughters of the King DOK Christmas Party

DOK Christmas Party

One of the annual traditions that many Daughters of the King look forward to is the Christmas party which was held last year on Dec. 12th.

Thanks to our decorators, Sally Shearon, Fara Bowen, and Katy Hall, all attending were given not only a preview of the coming holiday but also a memorable red and green ornament to take home and the option to purchase one of the stunning, hand painted clay pots with poinsettias.

Once everyone was seated, we were blessed to have our Music Director, Michael Giuliani, put us in the Advent spirit as we sang hymns with his accompaniment.  Then President Sharon Shailer welcomed everyone including our guests, Fr. Matt and Kari, Fr. Curt and Michelle, Fr. Caleb and Crystal, Ellie Shaner, Michelle Pent (currently in discernment to be a Daughter) and Christine and Brianna Niles.

There were optional, “Christmasy” conversation starters at the tables and then all enjoyed a delicious catered meal provided by Ancient City Bourbon and Boards.  Courtney Wilson and Kim Shailer had set it up so nicely along with drinks including apple cider.

What would a Christmas party be without gifts?  A gift exchange with a twist has been featured in the last few years.  As the photo shows, each lady had chosen a package and soon found herself caught up in the quick-moving, hilarious “Left-Right” game, enhanced by Fr. Curt’s delivery.  The smiles of Daughters Karen Anderson, Chris Turner, and Sandy Goode really captured the mood.

Long time member Martha Saffran, a Daughter for 60 years, recently shared her memories of the party: “It was beautifully decorated, very well organized, and a delight for all.  I met someone across the room whom I didn’t know.  Turns out we had received each other’s gifts.  It was one of those unique God-incidents.”

Afterward, some of the women (Connie Becker and Jamie Brown are shown) stayed after to assemble the luminaries for the Christmas Eve services.  Fr. Caleb had done it himself the previous year, so he requested our help this time.