Outreach West Augustine

West Augustine

St. Augustine was selected by a task force, which will formally make the recommendation to the governor and the legislature, as the site for the proposed Florida Museum of Black History.  It was a lengthy process and the final vote was 6-1.

Eight members and three clergy from Trinity Parish saw government and community in action when they traveled by bus and car to Tallahassee on Friday, April 19th to support our neighbors in West Augustine.  The event was the culmination of the work of many people.  Although the groups were different, there was a shared message, as shown by the signs in the photo.

While the bus catching fire on I-10  made the news, the fact that everyone was okay was a testament to God’s protection.  “I can still see Pastor Britton’s wife, Carol, worriedly watching her husband from afar as he assisted every rider off while the back of the bus continued to burn,” said Grace DeLaughter.

“Tell the story,” Britton has said repeatedly.  “God is at the center.”

There was so much to be thankful for that day.  From members of the Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) to Baker County police and fire rescue, to Frs. Matt, Curt, and Caleb for arriving at the bus scene and taking City Commissioner Garris (and a senior citizen) so she could be there in time for the presentation, to Hardees in Maclenny, to Sheriff Hardwick for sending vans to escort the bus riders to Tallahassee, to lunch on the bus afterward provided by our own Pat Higgins. One of the volunteers from NMM’s weekly Food Distribution, Nancy Murphy (to the right of Trinity volunteer Peggy Kelly) spoke to the task force when audience members were given a chance to say why they felt our city deserved the museum.

Britton said the CRA is the leading West Augustine advocate alongside the County Commission. “They really are the driving force for historical West Augustine.”

And the Nehemiah Project, initiated by Pastor Britton in 2020, was also instrumental.  Board member Dwight Miller said, “Our goal in this endeavor was to convince the task force to recommend St Augustine for this museum and we met our objective.”