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We Are Re-arranging The Furniture!

A parishioner has generously offered to cover 100% of the cost to:
1. Uncover our beautifully carved Altar and move it closer to our people
2. Return the choir and enhance their ability to lead musical worship
3. Improve our accessibility and welcome by bringing our altar rail to our people for the reception of Communion
Project starts January 18th 2021 and is expected to be completed in two weeks. See the floorplan here.
Scope of Project
  1. Remove altar step, unused AC units, match original paneling and carpet
  2. Relocate altar to center of chancel
  3. Relocate 2 choir pews to back row of new choir
  4. Relocate long choir pew to front of new choir
  5. Relocate right side choir modesty rail to choir
  6. Relocate clergy seating to right side of chancel
  7. Shorten existing chancel dividing wall
  8. Relocate existing altar rail to front step
  9. Rebuild damaged aumbry/tabernacle and relocate to side of chancel
  10. Build new plant stands
Why are we doing this?
Accessibility & Safety – Reduce barriers and improve accessibility for all through less crowding in the approach to the altar, removing the need to ascend/descend stairs, navigate around acolytes and choir, and exit through the sacristy.
Hospitality – The current experience of receiving communion will be more welcoming and inclusive to newcomers who have expressed confusion and intimidation about the current process.
When will this happen? 
Project starts January 18, 2021. Expected completion time is two weeks.
Additional Positive Outcomes
  • Enable visual connection between choir and choir director
  • Face to face experience of congregants and celebrants
  • Coherent flow for clergy, choir, and acolytes
  • Relocates contemporary musicians from chancel floor where they currently block access to an exit
  • Maintains original look while improving the congregation’s view of the cross, triptych, window, and altar.
  • Remove non-operational air conditioning units cut into the sanctuary wall in the 1960s, restore panelling to original beauty.
  • Incoming Sr. Warden, Bruce Belmont, has been integrally involved in this process. While you are welcome to talk to any vestry member or clergy, Bruce will have the most up to date information as he interfaces with the craftsmen.
Comments from Staff and Clergy
  • Cliff Parrish – “The choir will be able to see me.”
  • Jouana Murphy: “Acolytes will have a place to sit.”
  • Ken Herzog: “I’ve wanted to do this for eleven years!”
  • Curt Benham: “It is the best possible hospitality for those who are new”
  • Matt Marino: “It removes stairs standing between our saints with mobility issues and the table of the Lord.”
  • Bruce Belmont: “It will make our worship better.”