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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you believe?

  • We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the revealed Word of God containing all things necessary to salvation.
  • We worship one God in three Persons, praying to the Father through the Son, by the Holy Spirit.
  • We celebrate the Sacraments ordained by Christ himself, through the ministry of the apostolic orders.
  • We believe in the apostolic succession of bishops.
  • We are members of Christ’s body, composed of Churches which, united under the headship of Jesus, are in the fellowship of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church throughout the ages.
  • We hold the one Faith revealed in Holy Scripture, defined in the creeds, and maintained by the undivided primitive Church in the undisputed Ecumenical Councils.
  • We belong to the worldwide Anglican Communion under the leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Episcopal Diocese of Florida.


Where does your worship come from?
Our worship services come from the Book of Common Prayer. The prayer book, rooted in Scripture, is, most literally, the Bible reorganized for worship. Its services are updates from the worship of the first Christians. It includes services for the Sacraments (Baptism and Communion), Confirmation, Matrimony, Reconciliation, Burials, and prayers and guides for personal devotions.


What do you do in your worship services?
Our main Sunday service is the ancient liturgy of Holy Eucharist. “Eucharist” is the Greek word for thanksgiving, one of the words used in the New Testament for Communion.

Our worship has two parts: The Word of God and Holy Communion. We believe in the “Real Presence” of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion. Three services are held each Sunday and each is special in its own way.


What is an “Episcopal”?
“Episcopal” is a transliteration of the Greek word “bishop,” which is often translated “elder” in modern New Testaments. It describes the leadership of our church into diocese’ that are each led by a bishop.


​Is Trinity newcomer friendly?
Our parishioners come from a variety of religious backgrounds and almost 80 percent of us were raised in a different denomination. You will be welcomed and encouraged in your spiritual journey at Trinity regardless of your background.


Do You Have Bible Studies Or Youth Groups?
There are many opportunities to learn and grow in your faith at Trinity. Adult studies discuss faith issues in bible studies and book groups. Trinity also offers a youth program, and children’s and a nursery for our younger members.


​What Is Proper Dress Attire For Worship?
Come as you feel comfortable! It is Florida, so casual always works, but the air conditioning often makes the indoors chilly in the South.


​How Do I Become A Member Of Trinity?
We have a two week Newcomer’s course that runs 4 times a year with a reception in a home afterwards. Learn about our mission, meet our clergy and other newcomers. Contact to register for the next one.