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Our Bicentennial


The Church Social
Saturday, June 26, 2021

The Founders Day Church Social was held on Saturday, June 26 at Trinity Hall, and was a huge success.  Around 120 guests, Parishioners and family members enjoyed a Fried Chicken meal, along with Southern favorites, while youngsters feasted on Hot Dogs. For dessert, a Founders Day cake and ice cream was indulged even by those on the strictest diets.

The activities attracted both young and old; mouth-watering cakes of all kinds were donated for the Cake Walk, and the Pie Judging Contest yielded a First Place ribbon winner of several bakers sharing their signature pies.

The children played games on the lawn that brought back memories of yesteryear, and the sound of laughter was heartwarming to hear, especially after a worldwide pandemic.

Scientists and engineers at heart of all ages, walked around the apothecary jar filled with gumballs, studying the design of the container to come up with a mathematical equation that would win them the colorful mixture by guessing the correct or closest number of gumballs.

The winning ticket for the 50/50 Raffle was drawn by our founder, Rev. Andrew Fowler, portrayed by Dr. Roger Smith, with 50% of the funds turned over to Fr. Matt Marino for the Rector’s Discretionary Fund, which benefits a multitude of unfortunate situations for our parishioners. The winner of the Raffle generously turned over her portion of the proceeds for the same cause.  Rev. Fowler gave a short entertaining address to the guests, and mingled among his sheep.

Parishioner Patti Dale generously shared her time and talent, by creating and donating beautiful knitted “Red, White and Blessed” crosses that she sold to also benefit the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. We are also most grateful for the many donations, both in-kind and monetary.

The ladies of the Church Social Committee are to be commended for their time and hard work in putting on this event in celebration of our Bicentennial.  Likewise, the volunteers arranged by these ladies are to also be commended for their dedication to the Parish and giving of their time to help make the event a success.

See photo gallery below.

Upcoming Events
  • October 15-17 – Grand Gala Bicentennial Celebration with surprises of all kinds. Postponed until 2022.
  • November 11 – Celebrate America patriotic service honoring our veterans.  This year will be the 13th year Trinity has offered this tribute to our community. December 24 after the Christmas Eve service – We will have a brief ceremony to place our carefully filled Trinity Time Capsule to be opened in 2046!  Be thinking of things to go in it…
  • Now if anything specifically “whets your whistle” and you want to help in that area, please email Nancy Birchall.  Remember, also, we have even more on the docket and are waiting for other Trinity associated groups to tell us what they want to do and when.

We are Trinity Parish…Florida’s oldest Episcopal Parish.

God bless us all as we gear up for Joyful Fun in 2021.

Time Capsule

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to be inside the church recently, due to the “virus”,   transformation of the lobby cabinet into our Bi-Centennial Time Capsule is progressing.  Glass has replaced the original door panel, which has been saved to become the front of the capsule containment box,   for a more cohesive look with the exterior.   There is already a lock on the cabinet door and the interior is lit.   The interior measurements of the cabinet itself are 12” deep, 28” wide and 71” high.  The containment box will be constructed to fit within these measurements.  A brass plaque will be placed on the front of the containment box, indicating the placement date of December 25, 2021 and an opening date in 2046.

Attention All Trinity Ministries

We are inviting each Trinity ministry to design and produce a unique and creative representation of their ministry as of 2021 for inclusion in the Bicentennial Time Capsule. The Time Capsule will be opened in 2046. Think about something that would be engaging for you to discover in a Time Capsule from 25 years ago.  All of the submissions must fit in a capsule that measures approximately 60” tall, 24” wide and 10” deep. Note that your plan (description of your submission) must be submitted for approval by March 31, 2021.

Timeline for submissions:

Jan thru Mar. 31, 2021
Ministries submit their suggestions in writing to the committee for review.

April thru June 30, 2021
Committee review, approval and notification regarding submissions.

July thru October 30, 2021
Submissions will be physically presented in final form to the committee.

Nov. 21, 2021
Submissions will be displayed for the congregation to view prior to placement in the Time Capsule. Location TBD.

Dec. 24/25, 2021
Placement ceremony of our Time Capsule after the 11pm Christmas Eve Service.

Stay tuned for other opportunities to participate in this project!

If you need ideas, or have any questions, please email Leslie Wilson:


May 20th at 7PM in the church: Dr. Roger Smith, a historian from the Ximenez-Fatio House, gave a presentation on the period of Florida’s history known as the English Period which spanned from 1763 to 1784 and how that time impacted Saint Augustine.



June 17th at 7PM in the church: Actor Lee Weaver presented the one man play “The Witness” based on the real events surrounding Dr. Martin Luther King’s visit to St. Augustine in 1964.



September 9th at 7PM in the church: Charles Tingley, Senior Librarian of the St. Augustine Historical Society spoke on The Territorial Period of Florida and St. Augustine 1821-1846.



October 7th at 7PM in the church: Michelle Reyna of City Gate Productions presents Minorcan Heritage in St. Augustine followed by a reception at the Ximenez-Fatio House.