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Vestry Elections

Slate for Vestry Elections

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To: Congregation

From: Vestry Nominating Committee

On behalf of the Vestry Nominating Sub-committee, we are blessed to present the slate of candidates for Vestry this year. We have three open spots to fill. This year we found eight candidates we liked. Three of those candidates were vetted and willing to run at this time. We are now extending an invitation to the congregation to submit any other names to the Nominating Sub-committee for consideration. If you would like to add your name to the slate of candidates, the Nominating Committee needs your name by 1/23/23 in order vet your name to make sure you meet the criteria (see “to run for vestry” below).

What is the vestry? “It shall be the duty of the vestry to take charge of the temporal concerns of the parish and to work with the clergy and laity of the congregation for the furtherance of the Church’s purpose.” (Dioc. of Florida, Canon 10 Section 4)

What is the Election Process in 2023

  • Beginning in November, the Nominating Sub-committee of the Vestry, chaired by the Senior Warden, developed a pool of 7-9 candidates that they believed have gifts and commitment to Jesus Christ and Trinity Parish that they feel would work well on vestry.
  • In December Clergy & Finance vetted the list to ensure candidates met qualifications. Nominees confirmed their willingness to run, and if elected, to serve. Nominees were also asked to submit brief biographical information and a photo. The final slate of candidates. Subcommittee presented list to Vestry in December.
  • 1/13:  The Nominating Sub-committee announces in e-blast and lobby the vetted, qualified slate of candidates (w/bios) and the open phase to submit more names begins and remains open until 1/23/23 (i.e. Two Friday e-blasts).
  • 1/23:  Any additional candidates get vetted by the committee & clergy.
  • 2/3:  Final slate of candidates is announced.
  • 2/12:  Election is held at the Annual Parish Celebration (10am in the church).

Qualifications to run for Vestry:

  • Eighteen years old and a Confirmed communicant in good standing – which means Confirmed or Received by a bishop of the Episcopal Church, enrolled as a member of the parish and, for the previous year, faithful in corporate worship and in working, praying, and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God.
  • No person may serve on the vestry who is a member of clergy (other than the rector) or staff, or is a family member (spouse, parent, child, stepchild, in-laws) of clergy or staff.
  • Subscribe to the following declaration, “I am persuaded that the Holy Scriptures contain all doctrine required as necessary for eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and affirm the Nicene Creed without reservation.”

What is Needed to Serve?

  • A heart for Jesus Christ and the mission of Trinity Parish.
  • Willingness to be in community with other church leaders.
  • Openness to hear God’s word and to set aside personal agendas.
  • Confidentiality: the ability to keep vestry business in vestry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I serve?

Vestry is a great opportunity to share your gifts with your church! The vestry works alongside the rector to set the strategic vision for Trinity and provide the financial resources to support that vision and fund daily operations. Vestry members are blessed to be in fellowship with one another and deepen relationships within the church.

What are the vestry’s responsibilities?

The Vestry has responsibility for and authority over the temporal concerns of the parish.

  • Property: The vestry is responsible for the construction, care, security, and maintenance of all property, buildings, and furnishings of the parish.
  • Stewardship: The Vestry is responsible for providing the resources necessary for the mission and ministers of the parish.
  • Budget: The Vestry adopts and administers the budgets (operating, capital, endowments, and special funds) of the parish and for appropriate financial systems and controls.
  • Legal: The Vestry has legal responsibilities for the parish: Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty, Duty of Obedience, and fiduciary and strategic responsibilities. Vestry ensures good governance, communication, and consultation with standing committees, sub-committees and ministries of the church

What does serving on the vestry entail?

  • Participate in monthly meetings, reviewing documents in advance
  • Serve as a board of counsel to the rector and as a resource for parishioners

What is the time commitment?

A vestry term is 3 years. During this period the monthly time commitment is as follows:

  • Monthly meetings of generally 1 ½ hrs., held on the 4thTuesday, 5:30-7:00 pm. If the date falls on a holiday, it is usually scheduled a week prior.
  • A 4 hr. February vestry retreat, usually the 2nd Saturday of February in the AM and
    a 4 hr. September vestry retreat, usually the 2nd Saturday of September in the AM
  • Subcommittee work or involvement in special events will add time to the above.

What prior experience is required?  None.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to either Tara Strickland or myself at any time.


Bruce Belmont & Tara Strickland


Elections are now closed.