Vestry Bio Letter

Thank you for agreeing to nomination for vestry election on December 13, 2020!

The phone call from the Nominating Committee member gave opportunity for questions you may have had at the time to be answered plus additional information given. However, this letter gives further information about vestry service.

It begins with the church canons: Canonical Duties: The Vestry are agents and legal representatives of the Parish in all matters concerning its corporate property and the relations of the Parish to its Clergy. (Canon 14 Section 2)

Then, there is the acknowledgement of the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ is the head of his church. His will and guidance is sought by Trinity leadership through prayer, individual and corporate, relying on Scripture and the Holy Spirit as we move forward together.

Vestry works with the rector in strategic visioning/planning for the church and providing the financial resources to support that vision and fund daily operations. It gives financial oversight – works with the treasurer, finance and stewardship committees, gives input to and approves annual budgets created by the rector and staff, approves grants, and ensures the availability of financial resources necessary to support the vision, mission and ministry of the church.

Vestry oversees the physical plant – gives input and approves changes to the campus. It serves as a board of counsel for the rector and senior staff and as a resource for parishioners.

The commitment is a term of three years involving monthly meetings usually on the 4th Tuesday at 5:30 PM and spring and fall Saturday vestry retreats. Review of materials prior to meetings and possible sub-committee involvement are included in the time commitment. Vestry members have their own personal ministries and obligations, and good time management is important for healthy balance.   

Four people will be elected to vestry. The Nominating Committee has covered the nominating process in prayer and that we believe that all the people whom we have nominated have the potential to be effective vestry members. The slate will likely have more than four names and some will not be elected this year. When that is the case, the Lord simply has other ministry in mind for those people, for now.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

For His Sake,
Sandy Goode, Ray Johnson, Annie Ashworth, Pat Falaney
2020 Vestry Nominating Committee

For further information, contact Sandy Goode, PNC Chair 904.794.7873  |

Thank you for completing your information that will be published with your photo prior to the election.